What is a raptorphile?

What is a Raptorphile?

A psychological profile:

After many experiences of meeting and talking with those of us who ‘care’ about our avian friends a distinct pattern begins to emerge. Our avian friends appear to fall mainly into  two catagories.

Firstly there are those of us who are ornithologists. Those of us who observe, study, record and also care for those creatures we have chosen to make such an important part of our lives.

However there are those who also observe, study and record our avian friends but find they cannot divorce their own natures from fantasies, finding the more voracious of our predatory birds holds a strange fascination and appeal for them,which excludes all other birds. To these ‘ornithologists’ birds of prey can help them create an image for themselves. An image of a big man, a man unafraid. It is the same fantasy as those who need to have a vicious dog to enhance their lack of manliness, their lack of being, their lack of influence, so enhancing their fantasies.

So with birds of prey. These birds being used to enhance these people who live in their own fantasy world but who will stop at nothing to dominate the avian world with raptors, totally disregarding the disaster they will surely bring about. This is how important their own personal images and fantasies are to them.

What does this say about conservation in this country? Where our wildlife is used for not only making lots of money but for the self enhancement of dysfunctional human beings

Where are the real ornithologists? The men and women who do care about all our birds.

Who care about what is happening to plummeting numbers of all songbirds.

Who are prepared to speak out and do what has to be done.

Who are not afraid of the RSPB and are not afraid of those who are so weak they need the crutches of others.


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killing the bird song and wildlife destruction by raptorphiles

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